Twitter is already working on a competitor to the popular social audio app Clubhouse. In addition, the company is also discussing the possibility of a direct acquisition of the Clubhouse. According to Bloomberg, Twitter has been in discussions with Clubhouse about buying the app for about $ 4 billion.

According to the available information, negotiations are at an impasse. Why this happened is not specified. Bloomberg also reports that Clubhouse is now seeking funding in the amount of $ 4 billion. Perhaps this amount arose after negotiations with Twitter, or Clubhouse estimates itself at this amount.

The Clubhouse service was launched last year and popularized the idea of ​​conducting live audio conversations. Celebrities, tech executives, and ordinary people have since signed up and launched their chat rooms. More than 10 million people are reported to have downloaded the app. At the moment, access to the service is offered only through the invitation system and only for the iOS platform.

After the emergence of Clubhouse and its rise in popularity, many existing social media platforms thought about launching competing solutions. In addition to Twitter, Facebook, Discord, LinkedIn, and Slack are also developing their own competitors, Clubhouse. These platforms already have multi-million dollar user bases and apps for iOS and Android.

As for the Twitter Spaces service, it has already been launched on both iOS and Android. The company also plans to launch a web version this month. Therefore, it is not entirely clear why the management of Twitter would like to acquire Clubhouse. Unless to destroy competition and use a well-known brand.

Clubhouse does not stand still and strives to innovate. The company recently added staff and hired an engineer to build an Android app. In addition, a tip was launched in the app this week so creators can make money.

A source: The verge

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