Microsoft founder Bill Gates signed up for the increasingly popular social network Clubhouse, where he made a couple of interesting comments.

So far, Clubhouse only works on smartphones with iOS, so many users wondered if Bill Gates uses an iPhone. To this question, he replied that he prefers Android smartphones. Microsoft’s software, pre-installed by some Android manufacturers, is very user-friendly, he said. Also, these smartphones are more flexible in the relationship between software and operating system. At the same time, many of Gates’ friends use iPhones.

Also, Bill Gates said that he is now promoting his book How to Avoid Climate Disaster. He previously said that he hopes to support Jeff Bezos in the fight against climate change.

Gates also spoke about his attitude towards Bitcoin. In short, the entrepreneur is not optimistic about cryptocurrencies. According to him, mining cryptocurrency requires a lot of computing power and consumes a lot of electricity. This, in turn, also harms the climate.

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