Several years ago, I came across an article about EDC (Everyday Carry – ed.) and got the idea to collect such a set. Literally translated, this is a “set of everyday wear” – items that are needed every day.

What should be the set?

The bottom line is that some patches, MacBook adapters, or stomach pain pills may not be needed every day, but it is better to have them on hand if unforeseen circumstances.

Each has its own set: travelers need cash in several currencies, and bicycle owners would be nice to have a basic multitool and glue with rubber to seal a punctured tire quickly. In general, here you need to sit down and think carefully, without which items it is better not to leave the house.

For such a kit, it is good to have a small travel bag to move it from backpack to backpack, from bag to bag, and so on. This is necessary to not go through these things constantly and not put them in your pockets. And these pockets are not always enough to organize everything beautifully. Everybody loves the Cote & Ciel Isar S backpack, but these pockets are missing.

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Bellroy Tech Kit Review

I would say that this is a universal option. It is not necessary to carry only equipment in it – there are enough pockets.

The walls of the organizer are dense. That is, even if you press down on it with something heavy, nothing will be damaged. It opens completely, which is also a plus for access to the compartments.

There are mesh pockets for large items, a compartment for a pen or stylus, and rubber bands for wires or small items.

There is also another compartment on the magnet with a small pocket for memory cards. It is convenient to hide money, cards, or a thin battery here.

The organizer itself is made from recycled fabric and is available in several colors. The zipper is metal, tight but wears out over time.

We collected all the necessary wires, power supplies, cards, and small things, threw them into a backpack, and do not think about anything.

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Bellroy Desk Pouch Review

In such an organizer, a completely different approach: they put all the things, brought them to the office, put them on the table, and got access to everything they needed. If Tech Kit is no longer about daily use but about convenient transportation, then Desk Pouch is the opposite.

The fabric is soft, there are no hard inserts, but there is a bottom for comfortable placement on the table. There are also fewer compartments: the main one, a zip pocket on the left, two mesh pockets on the right, and a small pocket for a stylus or pen.

There is a convenient loop for carrying the organizer on one finger or hanging it on a hook. It can be used not only for gadgets but also for hygiene items, for example—a versatile bag for any task.

Like the Tech Kit, the organizer is made from recycled fabric and is additionally protected from moisture.

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The only thing is that there are only two colors: black and “Stone.” I want some variety, but better bright options.

Compared to the previous version of the desktop organizer, the progress made the shape more rounded, wider opening, and an additional zip pocket. Therefore, if you thought it was better to take, then pay attention to the new product.

Bellroy tech kit and Desk pouch cost the same in Amazon – $59 each.

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