I have been waiting for Belkin BOOST CHARGE PRO for a very long time. As soon as it flashed at the presentation of the iPhone 12, I knew for sure that this was my new charger. A few months after the announcement, it went on sale. And now I already have the charging station, which I am pleased about. In this review, I will tell you why it is so good.


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I admit, I expected a lot of similar charges from CES 2021, but only a couple of copies were shown with the MagSafe system, and none of them hooked as much as Belkin.

Belkin BOOST CHARGE PRO Review: Design

To me, the Belkin charger reminds me of a bird perch or a tree, but it looks good even if you’re not charging your smartphone, charging complements the interior perfectly.

BOOST CHARGE PRO is available in white and black. The lower part is made of matte plastic. The leg is steel. The charging “pancakes” are white with a base matching the color of the charging case.

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Source: Belkin

For myself, I chose a black station, although the smartphone is white. I will not say that it did not fit well, but a white smartphone with a white charger would have looked better. On the other hand, my watch is black, the headphones are also in a black case, so the balance is correct.

The charger comes with a power adapter. It’s not USB Type-C, which is sad. I want to get a universal connector that will allow powering the charger from any apartment adapter. While this is a fairly rare case, I don’t think you’ll be taking such a massive device on a trip, but nonetheless.

Charge Everything at Once

The first site is MagSafe certified charging for the iPhone 12 line with 15W maximum power (12W maximum with iPhone 12 mini). The tilt angle is correct: you can use the smartphone to charge for video calls or watching videos. There is no clear fixation so that the iPhone can be deployed without any problems. For this, you don’t even have to disconnect the smartphone. And it looks great!

The second platform is charging for Apple Watch. Many such chargers use a cable channel for the Apple Watch, where you have to run the original wire. This, of course, is a possible solution, but if you have only one wire and you decide to go somewhere, then disassembling this whole structure is such a task. The charger is built-in and also certified. But the night mode will be available in the vertical version. I’m used to charging my watch in the evening and tracking my sleep with it, so it makes no difference for me. You can charge the watch with any strap. The headroom is decent.

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The third platform is the usual 5W Qi charging. In the promo images of Belkin, it was not entirely clear what the size of this site is and whether anything other than AirPods would fit here. It turned out that you can charge any device that supports wireless charging. Our family determined as follows: through MagSafe, my smartphone is charged, and on Qi-charging my wife’s smartphone. We charge the headphones during the day. Everyone is happy.

What is missing?

I’d love to see an additional USB Type-C connector. Sometimes wired charging is necessary. And if the adapter was 25-35 W, then the laptop could be charged – it would be a universal dock for the workplace that charges all devices. But this is already from the series “I want everything at once.”

Alternatives of Belkin BOOST CHARGE PRO

They are not here. Of course, there are docking stations for charging three devices at once, there are even magnets for the iPhone 12, but there is nothing on the market with MagSafe support.

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Belkin BOOST CHARGE PRO Review: Price

Belkin BOOST CHARGE PRO costs 140 dollars if purchased from Apple retail stores and its official website. You can also buy directly from Amazon at $119.


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Expensive? I would not say: MagSafe Duo is worth 130 dollars on the American Apple site, plus an adapter is required. If you want maximum power, you need a 30W adapter, which already costs 49 dollars.












  • Charge all of your devices at once
  • Up to 15W wireless charging for compatible phones
  • Works regardless of orientation
  • Compatible with official MagSafe cases
  • Includes a 2-year connected equipment warranty


  • It's costly
  • iPhone 12 series compatibility only

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