Although my heart has been given to Apple AirPods Pro for a long time, I cannot bypass Beats Flex in any way. Moreover, in the office, I sometimes use Beats Solo and feel like Billie Eilish to shut myself off from everyone. And during active sports, I listen to music in PowerBeats Pro. But why do we need Beats Flex, and how do they differ from the same Beats PowerBeats Pro or Apple AirPods Pro? Let’s figure it out.

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Design and Packaging of Beats Flex Headphones

While Apple essentially invented the TWS headphones with AirPods output, the Beats Flex is not. Yes, there is a wire between the two headphones, but I will not say that this is bad. Many people are afraid of losing the earpiece when they take it out of their ear. Frankly, I myself have dropped the headphones several times, and this is very unpleasant. So this is one of the main features of Beats Flex, and it can be beneficial. I hung them around my neck conveniently. I’ll tell you about one more important aspect at the very end, but for now, about the design package.

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Beats Flex Box

There is a complete set in the headphone box that might come in handy. However, in comparison with the previous model, the set is obviously a bit lighter. First, because it uses recycled materials and cardboard. Secondly, because there is no longer a cover, add—ear cushions with fastening. There are only 6 ear pads (3 different pairs), well, those already worn on the headphones.


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Beat Flex Earbuds

But the charging cable is extraordinary here. This is a very short wire with Type ‑ C (or USB ‑ C, whichever you like) connectors on both sides. Yes, it’s handy if you have one of the brand new MacBooks or already have an adapter for one of the new iPhones or iPads. Or if you have USB-C cables from other devices like mine. In all other cases, if you only have Apple technology, but not the latest model, you still have to think about how to charge the headphones. It’s hard to say what caused this decision, other Beats headphones have been charging Lightning for several years now, and that’s great. Yes, of course, there is no wireless charging here. You will also understand why.

Beats Flex Charging Cord and Cable

The design of the headphones is quite simple. Wire, two blocks with batteries and control buttons, and two headphones. It looks fashionable and youthful, but most importantly – it weighs almost nothing. They are not felt on the neck, practically the same in the ears. But of course, with a bunch of winter clothes, you have to adjust a little. In the summer, they will be quite comfortable.

Beats Flex Control Buttons

The buttons are tight but quiet and clicked with a pleasant click. Yes, there is a microphone next to the volume control buttons and a button to launch Siri or answer a call. On the other hand, only an on / off button and an unprotected USB Type-C connector.

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Sound and Feel from Beats Flex

I will not say that I expected something special from these headphones, but they even surprised me a little. Yes, there is no massive bass and surround sound. There is not even a noise reduction. But they sound pretty cool. Most of the tracks have bass and mids. Surprisingly, the voice sounds great, both in music and when making calls.

Beats logo on Beats Flex Earphones

Of course, the lack of active noise cancellation is a bit frustrating. But you need to understand that it is now in TWS headphones, which are much more expensive than this model. In general, there are many ear pads in the kit, and you can choose so that you have headphones in your ears perfectly and just noise isolation is enough. This will not save in the subway or plane, but there is a lot of volume reserve.

Microphone and volume rocker Beats Flex.

Of course, it is a pity that Beats Flex headphones there is no case in which to charge them. However, they are enough for about 10 – 12 hours of work (I have enough for almost a week because I only listen on the road). They are fully charged in about 1.5 hours, and if you connect them for 10 minutes, this is enough to listen to music for an hour and a half. In general, very good. It is convenient if they remembered that the headphones were not charged before leaving home or from work.

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As with any Apple product, many subtle nuances actually make your life easier. For example, there are magnets in headphones, and as soon as you take them out of your ears and hang them around your neck, they are permanently magnetized to each other. And, of course, the music is paused at this moment.

Of course, since Beats belongs to Apple, the connection is made natively, like in AirPods. They turned on the headphones, the iPhone immediately saw them and allows you to pair them. Even in the menu, they will appear as Beats headphones with a corresponding icon. A trifle, but nice.

Beats Flex Price

The best part about Beats Flex is its pricing. Beats Flex costs $39.99 on Amazon. And against the background of this figure, in general, all the disadvantages are leveled. Well, there is no cover in the kit, so what. Considering that AirPods are 2-3 times more expensive, other Beats headphones are. Also, this is a perfect option. Moreover, there are no headphones included with the iPhone now. Therefore, if you want a branded good gadget, then $39.99 is a minimal price for a good product. I would recommend everyone who buys an iPhone to take the Beats Flex as well immediately. They certainly will not be superfluous.

  • Design
  • Working hours
  • Good sound
  • Great price
  • Charging cable too short
  • No cover

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