High performance, compact size, and lightweight – that’s what we really love about high-speed M.2 PCI-E drives. However, the method of mounting such SSDs is definitely not the most convenient. In the standard version, a metal stand with an internal thread and a miniature clamping screw is used to fix the device. Installing or removing an M.2 drive is not the most pleasant experience. Especially when it comes to an assembled system, and there is no screwdriver with a suitable magnetized tip at hand. ASUS developers decided to simplify this task by proposing using a plastic retainer for attaching the SSD.

A special bracket with a swivel mechanism allows you to fix the drive without the need for additional tools quickly. The mount looks very convenient at first glance. However, practical tests are essential here. Only they will show how practical, reliable and durable such a solution is. Apparently, the owners of upcoming motherboards based on the Intel Z590 chipset for 11th generation Core processors (Rocket Lake) will be able to try the new mount.

Source: ASUS

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