Not so long ago, I published a post on our Instagram that I took a ready-made gaming peripheral setup from ASUS for testing. All devices fit together perfectly without creating a lurid look, as often happens when combining products from different brands. But paying your hard-earned money only for good design would be foolish. So, soon, I will share with you the experience of using all these devices separately. Today we’ll start with the ASUS ROG Chakram Core mouse.

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ASUS ROG Chakram Core Review – Design

In terms of design, we have in front of us an almost complete copy of the older wireless model Chakram. The upper part is made of darkened transparent plastic with a matte texture, and the lower part is made of regular matte black plastic.

The body of the mouse is relatively large and fits perfectly for my palm grip. The analog joystick on the side is distinguishable, which cannot be said about the two additional keys that merge with the manipulator’s general shapes.

Separately, I would like to note the almost complete absence of logos in the off state – the mouse does not attract too much attention and does not “shout” about its gaming orientation.

But during operation, two zones are highlighted on the case: the wheel and under the palm part. Of course, you can customize the backlight color, sync with other devices in the Armory Crate app, or turn it off altogether.

Also, “mechanical” customization of the case is available here. The mouse has a few cool features that are not so common in this price segment. The first is the ability to customize the glowing logo, thanks to the easily removable cover. Nobody bothers you to print something of your own on a 3D printer or even cut out any pattern on a dense material and replace it with a standard chip.


But further, more. The overlays of the two main keys are also removable, allowing direct access to the switches without tools. Moreover, these switches can be easily replaced with others because they are not soldered on the board but placed in special sockets. So, both in the event of a breakdown and if you wanted a different tactile response, you can really change them in just a couple of seconds.

And this, as for me, is very cool. After all, more than once, I had to change my favorite mouse because of the appearance of a “double-click” on one of the keys. Yes, you can disassemble any mouse and rewire the switches, but I didn’t want to waste my time on such an activity. Besides, not everyone has a soldering iron at home. And then once – and it’s done.

Another useful thing was the ability to slightly change the mouse’s weight by adding or removing the case’s complete weight. Its weight is 13.6 grams. A trifle, but nice.

But speaking of the built-in stick, I did not find much benefit in it personally for myself.

It can operate in two modes, like a digital or analog stick. And here, you are already free to customize everything for yourself in the proprietary software. You can either try to emulate the stick of a real gamepad, which this mouse does so-so or throw some actions or macros on the stick.

Personally, I used it to navigate the timeline in Premiere, and the rest of the time, it just stood idle. By the way, the kit includes an additional elongated stick and a plug that allows you to remove the stick from the body completely.

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