Apple may begin the production of iPads in Vietnam in the middle of this year. And this will be the first time that a “significant number” of tablets will be produced outside of China.

Also, Apple intends to increase production orders for the manufacture of iPhone smartphones in India. The country has previously produced iPhone 11 models and will also begin producing the iPhone 12 series this quarter.

Apple intends to diversify its product manufacturing for several reasons. Despite the change in the US president and the corresponding hopes of easing trade tensions with China, the new administration said it did not intend to reduce customs duties on imports from China immediately. Also, China’s rising labor costs are prompting Apple and other companies to seek alternative manufacturing sites.

In addition to the iPhone and iPad, Nikkei reports that Apple is ramping up many other devices outside of China. The company previously moved part of AirPods Pro production to Vietnam, and now it also plans to expand HomePod mini production in that country. At the same time, Apple plans to move production of some MacBook models to Vietnam. Mac mini production has also been moved to Malaysia.

A source: The verge

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