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Apple to Introduce 5G Modems for the iPhone

The launch of the iPhone 14 line of flagship smartphones is still quite a long time away, but leaks are already appearing on the network related to the iPhone 15 line, which will be released in 2023. A new insider report has revealed that the Cupertino giant plans to manufacture 5G modems for its smartphones on its own.

Relatively recently, Apple bought most of Intel’s smartphone and modem business, as well as a team of 2,200 employees. This team and technology will allow the company to develop 5G modems. In addition, the manufacturer has opened 140 additional vacancies for specialists in the field of chip development.

At the moment, all 100% of the 5G chips for the iPhone are made by Qualcomm. Last year, it was clear that Apple would switch to its own production. The director of Qualcomm said that after 2023 the company plans to supply about 20% of 5G modems to Apple.

Using its own modem will allow Apple to reduce its dependence on Qualcomm and save on components. In addition, the apple giant can also integrate the modem into the A-series chips and customize the configuration as it sees fit, sharing them faster and more efficiently.

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