Analytical agency Counterpoint Research published a report according to which, in the smartwatch market, shipments increased by 13% between January and March 2022. Market analysis showed that Apple, Samsung and Xiaomi recorded year-on-year growth despite a quarterly decline of 24%.

Sujong Lim, deputy director of Counterpoint Research, said that user loyalty to the brand is the main reason for Apple’s success. The company increased its total share as well as the volume of deliveries year on year by 14%.

Another major company, Huawei, has managed to maintain its shipments at the same level, despite the fact that the lack of GMS in mobile devices has reduced smartwatch purchases in major markets. But the company was able to maintain its position thanks to the Chinese market.

Apple leads the smartwatch market in Q1 2022 (gsmarena 003 16)

The report also said that in most regions other than Europe, total shipments of wearable devices rose. More interesting: Garmin has become the leader in the $500+ premium wearables segment, while Fitbit has experienced a severe downturn for not releasing new devices.

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