AOC U2777PQU 4k monitor review

In our test lab – AOC U2777PQU, which has been produced for more than a year and at the same time remains popular among office users. What’s the secret: high resolution, design, relatively low cost? Let’s get a look.


The package includes everything you need to connect the monitor to a computer: interface cables, a power cable, a wire for connecting a USB hub and AUX. There is a manual in several languages ​​and a driver disc that is unlikely to be useful to you – Windows has the necessary components for the display to work correctly.

 AOC U2777PQU 4k monitor review


The main parameters of the monitor are as follows:

Screen diagonal27 inches, IPS
Resolution3840 x 2160 pixels at 60 Hz maximum frequency
Response time4 ms
Brightness350 cd / sq.m
Contrast1000: 1
Viewing angles178 ° horizontal, 168 ° vertical
Video inputsD-Sub, DVI, DisplayPort 1.2, HDMI 2.0 (with MHL)
Additional functionsPicture-in-picture
Additional connectorsUSB hub for two USB 3.0 ports and two USB 2.0 ports (one of them supports fast charging)
Loudspeakers2 x 3 W
Possibilities of transformation of the standHeight – 130 mm, tilt to / from yourself – 5 ° / 24 °, pivot
Energy consumption31.42W (working)
Dimensions531.15 x 614.9 x 194.27 mm

Design and construction

The screen is edged with 9 mm bezels – they are almost invisible when the display is off and do not interfere with the creation of a multi-monitor configuration: the total bezel will be only 1.8 cm. The body is made of a combined matte and glossy plastic. The latter collects fingerprints, but it looks solid and presentable. The control keys are located in the center of the bottom panel – they are convenient to use.

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Delivery with a rectangular base allows you to change the position of the monitor: adjust its height within 13 cm, change the angles of rotation and tilt. As a result, the user can customize it for himself: the back and arms will not get tired after many hours of work at the computer. The display can be converted from landscape to portrait – in this position it is convenient to cascade several devices.

AOC U2777PQU 4k monitor review
AOC U2777PQU 4k monitor review
AOC U2777PQU 4k monitor review
AOC U2777PQU 4k monitor review
AOC U2777PQU 4k monitor review
AOC U2777PQU 4k monitor review
AOC U2777PQU 4k monitor review
AOC U2777PQU 4k monitor review

The built-in power supply is a big plus, since you don’t have to clutter up your desktop with unnecessary devices. In the block of interface connectors, we found DVI, HDMI 2.0 (combined with MHL), DisplayPort 1.2 and D-Sub. It would seem, why does a 4K monitor need a D-Sub port? It is here for a reason: U2777PQU supports picture-in-picture mode, an additional signal source is connected to the monitor via the analog port. The screen displays pictures from two devices at once. The position and parameters of each of them can be adjusted in the menu. Audio inputs are represented by two mini-jack ports (3.5 mm) – for external acoustics and headphones. On the right side there is a USB hub with a pair of USB 3.0 connectors and two USB 2.0 ports.

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Menu and built-in speakers

In the menu, you can adjust the basic parameters (brightness, contrast, gamma, color balance), as well as activate the PIP and Overdrive modes – to overclock the matrix in games. The acoustics are represented by a pair of built-in speakers with a total power of 6 W. Of course, there is no bass, but the mid and high frequencies are worked out well: the monitor acoustics are convenient to use when watching videos and for background sound recording of the workflow.


Traditionally, we start testing with color gamut and color rendering. Here, these parameters are at their best: we have 99% of the sRGB palette and 80% of AdobeRGB; when measuring the color accuracy, we recorded only one overshoot of four DeltaE units.

The factory gamma settings are pleasing: a value of 2.0 is between the reference 1.8 and 2.2. Additional calibration can be performed for working with color and graphics.

The declared brightness and contrast were slightly lower than the numbers indicated by the manufacturer. The difference is so small that we do not consider it necessary to pay attention to it. The backlighting of the panel is uniform, there is no Glow effect.

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After testing the AOC U2777PQU, we were once again surprised at the low price: 4K resolution, accurate color reproduction, wide color gamut, support for PIP and Overdrive modes – it meets the most stringent criteria for choosing a monitor by designers and gamers. The minimalistic design will fit into any interior – the monitor is convenient to use both in the office and at home.

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