Company AMD today announced that AMD EPYC processors are powering the new Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Alletra 6000, a cloud-based infrastructure storage solution that powers mission-critical business applications through the cloud.

The new HPE Alletra 6000 takes advantage of the AMD EPYC 7002 processor series, which scales from 8 to 64 high-performance cores and supports increased PCIe Gen 4 throughput, delivering 3x the performance efficiency of previous generations of HPE Nimble Storage Flash Arrays All Flash. The HPE Alletra 6000 represents a bold paradigm shift for data infrastructure. It enables IT professionals to move from owning and maintaining data infrastructure to easily accessing and using it on-demand or as a service.

“AMD EPYC processors provide the HPE Alletra 6000 with an ultra-efficient architecture that delivers fast, consistent performance and industry-leading data processing efficiency,” said Omer Asad, vice president and general manager of Primary Storage, HCI & Data Management Services at HPE. “We were able to leverage the high core count and PCIe® 4-enhanced AMD EPYC processors to create a high-performance system capable of delivering the highest performance for mission-critical workloads with stringent SLAs for availability and performance.”

With the new HPE Alletra 6000, AMD EPYC processors help HPE deliver next-generation storage performance and provide customers with access to a new technology solution that:

  • provides a wide range of cores from 8 to 64 with EPYC 7252, EPYC 7302, EPYC 7502 or EPYC 7742,
  • doubles the amount of storage processing per socket over previous generations,
  • Supports up to 54 SAP Hana nodes and up to 216 SAP Hana nodes using HPE Alletra 6090, powered by HPC and AMD EPYC 7002 processor connectivity,
  • builds the HPE GreenLake Holistic System powered by AMD EPYC processors that deliver the vision of Unified DataOps with Data Services Cloud Console and Cloud Data Services.
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AMD EPYC processors will be in new HPE Enterprise Storage solutions (scale 1200)

“We are delighted to further strengthen our relationship with HPE as they enter a new era of enterprise storage solutions,” said Rajneesh Gaur, corporate vice president and general manager of Embedded Business Solutions at AMD. “AMD EPYC processors deliver twice the cores per socket compared to previous generation HPE storage solutions and unmatched throughput with 128 PCIe® 4 lanes, enabling HPE storage customers to move to new levels of core density and storage performance.”

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