Last year, Amazon launched its Day 1 program, which allows you to create quirky products in limited quantities and receive user feedback. If successful, you can make them available globally. For example, the Echo Frames smart glasses hit the market thanks to Day 1.

Now Amazon is expanding Day 1 with a new Build It program. It looks more like a crowdfunding platform like Kickstarter or Indiegogo. The company will periodically present new concepts to the public. Within 30 days, users will be able to pre-order the product. But it will go into production only if it reaches the required pre-order goal. Users who have pre-ordered will have to wait until the end of the campaign. Only after that will they be debited from them as payment. If the product does not collect the required number of pre-orders, it will not be withdrawn from users.

Amazon has revealed the first three concepts that can already be pre-ordered: smart cuckoo clock, smart kitchen scales, and smart sticky note printer.

The cuckoo clock with Alexa support looks the most fun. They are equipped with LED elements that illuminate the minute scale, speakers for sounding timers and alarms, as well as a mechanical cuckoo that flies out of a round hole—the cost Smart cuckoo clock – $79.99. So far, the watch has scored 5% of its preorder target.

The smart kitchen scale also works with Alexa to provide nutritional information for thousands of different ingredients based on their weight. The scale can work in conjunction with the Echo Show smart display and display information on the screen. Smart Nutrition Scale is priced at $34.99.

Well, the smart printer allows you to print sticky stickers using your voice commands. In this way, you can create various reminders, to-do lists, and calendar events. The printer uses thermal technology, so it doesn’t need ink, and the paper blocks are easy to replace. Price Smart Sticky Note Printer – $89.99.

Sources: Amazon, Engadget

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