Reporters from the British television channel itv were able to infiltrate one of the largest Amazon distribution centers in the UK and saw what was happening with unsold goods. As it turned out, they are being destroyed. On the plot frames, you can see dumpsters with thousands of unused and unpacked items marked “Destroy.”

A former warehouse employee who wished to remain anonymous spoke about the daily process of collecting many new products, including high-quality headphones, books, jewelry, laptops, “the occasional MacBook or iPad,” all kinds of premium electronic devices. They accumulate and are subject to destruction.

Amazon destroys millions of unsold goods

Amazon is allegedly forcing employees to strive to achieve a target of 130,000 destroyed items per week. And this is only about one distribution center in respect of which the investigation was carried out. If this figure is multiplied by about 175 Amazon order centers and 52 weeks a year, then we can conclude that more than 1 billion different goods are sent from Amazon warehouses for destruction every year. They fill up landfills and increase the amount of waste.

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When the anonymous employee was asked how he first felt when asked to participate in this massive destruction of goods, he said:

“I gasped. There is no reason or reason for it to be destroyed. ”

“The other day [были уничтожены] twenty dumpsters filled with thousands of COVID masks still in plastic bags. ”

“It looks like 50% of all goods were wrapped, still wrapped in cellophane,” the employee said. “The other half was returned, but in good condition.”

In the frame was a manager’s spreadsheet open on one of the computers. It contained information dated back to April. The table shows that the distribution center donated 27,213 items in one week. And another 124,332 items of goods were destroyed – 4 times more.

The explanation for this senseless and wasteful loss is, oddly enough, in the economy. If the sellers’ goods are in the warehouse for too long, they are not sold, but they accumulate storage fees. Thus, it will be cheaper and more profitable for sellers to destroy them from an economic point of view than to take them back (or donate). This is especially true for international sellers, for whom return shipping can be expensive.

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The video also contains footage of large boxes labeled Electrical Destroy being loaded onto a truck. Later, this car went to the waste disposal center, where the cargo was disposed of. Another truck carrying non-electrical items (also labeled Destroy) headed for the landfill and recycling site. And these are just two of several trucks that drove outside the distribution center that day.

This shocking revelation went so far as to attract the attention of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who agreed that the issue warrants further study. In any case, this all goes against the Climate Pledge posted on Amazon.

“We believe we have a commitment to stop climate change, and cutting our carbon emissions to zero will have a big impact. We want to achieve zero carbon emissions by 2040, ten years ahead of the Paris Climate Agreement deadline, and we are on track to deliver 100% renewable energy to our operations by 2025 as part of our goal of achieving zero carbon emissions. ”

A source: phonearena

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