Amazfit has long established itself as a manufacturer of interesting smartwatches. I got acquainted with their gadgets a long time ago, even with Amazfit Bip, which had an electronic ink screen and it was possible not to charge the watch for a month, or even more. But technology does not stand still, and the requirements for watches have changed since then. Now it is necessary that the wrist gadget has fitness functions, heart rate tracking, all kinds of notifications, the ability to reply to messages, and more. And all this is in the Amazfit GTS series, and of course, in the latest version of the watch – Amazfit GTS4, we’ll see it today. See the previous installment of our where we compared the amazfit bip s vs bip u pro FitBit Review Series. 

Amazfit GTS4 Package Contents

Of course, we will not delve into the description of the box. Let it remain at the mercy of unpackers and other bloggers. In the package, only the packaging is important to me, and what kind of cardboard is used there – it doesn’t matter. Even if you sell it in a blister, it’s true, anyway, the packaging is thrown away in a second (unless you plan to resell the device on Avito later, of course). So, there is a complete set, albeit a minimal one.


The box contains the watch and the charger. Charger and watch. There is no adapter for charging, you will have to use your old one, buy a new one or connect it to a laptop / computer. Well, everything is in the spirit of the times, why do we need adapters if everyone has them. Surprisingly, here is the usual USB-A. That is, if you have already transferred all gadgets to USB-C, you will have to look somewhere for an adapter with the previous connector. The charging itself is, of course, proprietary, with contacts that connect to the bottom of the watch. This allows you to make the watch protected from moisture, but if the charging suddenly stops working, you will have to look for and buy a new one.

Amazfit GTS4 review: optimal smartwatch (Amazfit GTS4 4)

However, all these disadvantages are easily leveled by the fact that you have to charge the watch once a week at most. Yes, yes, not every day, not several times a day, not once every couple of days, but once a week, or even a little less often. Once again, the GTS4 can be charged once every seven days. Yes, they have enough. And this plus for me personally covers all the minuses with USB-A and other things, because I’m tired of charging my watch every night and not tracking sleep.

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Appearance Amazfit GTS4

I must admit that in recent years, all smartwatches have gone the way of smartphones. No, they did not become more powerful and better, but came to almost the same design. Unless you can now meet two options: a round or square display. But it seems that everything here will soon collapse to a single standard. The Amazfit GTS4 has a square screen (if you need a round one, look towards the GTR4), like the best representatives of its class. Aluminum alloy body, black color, Nordic character. It looks premium and not at all like some plastic crafts from other brands, which is very nice for such a price.

Amazfit GTS4 review: optimal smartwatch (Amazfit GTS4 7)

The gadget is available in one version, the thickness is 27 grams, the thickness is 9.9 millimeters. The dimensions are average, so they will suit both a large male hand and an elegant female one, or vice versa. In general, they are suitable for any hand, the watch has good sizes, that’s what.

Amazfit GTS4 review: optimal smartwatch (Amazfit GTS4 6)

But I’m not happy with the strap. It is made of fluoroelastomer, is very flexible, but tends to collect dust, and also does not look very expensive. In addition, during sports, the arm sweats under it, although maybe I fastened it too tightly. In general, I am a fan of textile straps, so my opinion may be biased. Fortunately, the ability to replace this 22 mm strap is, and that’s great for the Amazafit GTS4.


The screen of the Amazfit GTS4 is excellent. Here they put a 1.75-inch AMOLED display with a resolution of 450 × 390 pixels. On top of it is tempered glass with an oleophobic coating, so that prints are not visible, and when turned off, the display and frames look like a single unit. The watch also has an Always On mode, then the screen will not turn off even if you put your hand down, but the battery will drain a little faster, of course.

Taking this opportunity, I could not help but compare Amazfit GTS4 with Apple Watch (I have series 7, although the next version has already been released, but visually they almost do not differ). The watch is similar in form factor and wheel placement, and Apple also has a button on the side. However, the Amazfit watch is much thinner and feels lighter on the hand. Well, as far as functionality is concerned, I remind you that the GTS4 can be charged once a week.

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Amazfit GTS4 functionality and software

While there are many watch operating systems around the world, including the Google Wear OS that Samsung watches now run on, Amazfit is on its way. Here is the proprietary Zepp OS 2.0 system, which is very well optimized and there are no noticeable lags on the clock, which is nice. To set up and download the watch faces, you will need the Zepp application (by the way, users of Xiaomi scales must have noticed that the application is no longer called Mi Fit, but Zepp Life). It’s nice that it’s available for both Android and iOS. Applications are installed from it, although all the basic ones, such as hours, activity, heart rate, etc., of course, are already built into the watch firmware.

From the store, you can install additional software on the Amazafit GTS4, for example, a calculator or a notepad. There are even simple games. So far, the programs can hardly be called highly functional. And it’s a pity that this is not just a forwarding to the watch of those applications that are already on the smartphone.

To work with the clock, of course, there is a touch screen, as well as a wheel-button. The screen supports not only taps, but also swipes, so gestures will have to be learned. Swipe up and get quick settings. Below is the notification center and ways to reply to messages. The watch also supports voice calling via Bluetooth, and even a Wi-Fi connection directly to the router to download applications and stay in touch. Inside there is 2.5 GB of flash memory to store music there, plug in headphones and go for a run without a smartphone. A trifle, but nice.


The activity module in the Amazafit GTS4 is also well implemented. To track body parameters, a BioTracker 4.0 PPG biometric optical sensor is installed here, which has two LEDs. The watch continuously monitors heartbeat and breathing, blood oxygen levels and stress levels. Therefore, at any time of the day you can see detailed statistics and find out how you are actually doing. There is, of course, also monitoring of sleep phases. This, by the way, is the feature that I first tried on Amazfit Bip and was delighted with.

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Of course, Amazfit GTS4 also has its own activity tracking system, called Huami-PAI. It calculates the well-being of a person, and the emphasis is not so much on sports, but on all movements in combination with health parameters. In total, the watch can track 154 types of activity, which is very cool. For women, there is also monitoring of the menstrual cycle. The watch is also suitable for tourists, the GTS4 has support for six satellite systems. And in November, after the software update, there will also be a route import and reverse navigation. It will be possible to load GPX/TCX/KML route files into the watch. While navigating imported routes, the watch shows the user’s real-time movement right on the display.

Battery and Charging

Surprisingly, the new Amazfit GTS4 smartwatch only has a 300 mAh battery, like many other watch models. But at the same time, they are discharged by about 8-10% per day, respectively, if they are fully charged, this will be enough for 7-9 days. During this time, you can go hiking, for example, and not think about how to charge the watch from the fire there. Yes, and in the city it’s great when you don’t have to take off your watch every night and put it on charge.

Amazfit GTS4 review: optimal smartwatch (Amazfit GTS4 20)

True, if you use the route in hours and the screen and GPS are constantly on, they can be discharged even faster. But in the settings you can choose which GPS mode you need. The gadget is charged using its charger and a 20-watt power supply in about 1 hour and 20 minutes. Not bad, considering that after that you can walk with the watch for a week.



Amazafit GTS4 has been making smartwatches for a long time and it’s doing well. In the new version, we got a great design, a good set of features and a very nice price. For $119 on Amazon you will receive a wrist gadget that will not differ much from more expensive analogues. It is clear that there are simpler applications, a not so high-quality strap and an old charging port. But the battery lasts 7 days, there are all the necessary basic functions and extras. applications, as well as well-implemented health monitoring and tracking for tourists. Our opinion is to take the Amazafit GTS4!

    • Appearance
  • Good functionality
  • Long working time
  • Price
    • Simple strap
  • Charging with USB



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