It so happens that using a fitness tracker gets bored, you want to switch to a device with a large and high-quality screen, but you are afraid of possible problems with the operating time. As a compromise solution, I would like to offer the Amazfit GTS smartwatch: an excellent display, small size, many possibilities, and an excellent autonomy. We’ll talk about all this in our review of the Amazfit GTS watch, which has a special discounted offer until September 10, 2020, they are sold for $149.99

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Amazfit GTS Smart Watch Review: Appearance

The watch is very light, it is practically weightless and is barely felt on the wrist. If you like minimalism and want the watch to be a little heavier than a fitness bracelet, then Amazfit GTS will be just right. They are small and look neat on the wrist, but the strap has to be tightened tighter so that the watch fits snugly in place and does not crawl on the wrist.

It’s nice to say that lightness is not at the expense of practicality: the watch is protected from dust and moisture and can withstand a pressure of 5 ATM.

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Externally, Amazfit GTS is very similar to Apple Watch; however, the differences are striking upon careful examination of the watch. The case is partially made of plastic, it covers the back of the watch, and an aluminium frame runs along the sides. There are six body colours to choose from: black, red, pink, gold, grey and blue.

Amazfit GTS Smart Watch Review

The watch straps are replaceable. The fastening is standard. There will be no problems finding a suitable strap instead of the complete one.

Amazfit GTS Smart Watch Review: Control

The touchscreen unmistakably detects touches, if necessary, some of the actions can be performed with the wheel on the right side. For example, select a training mode or navigate the menu, it also activates the backlight, returns to the main screen or starts a workout if you hold down the wheel. You can also reassign the wheel to perform other actions through the application: turn on an alarm clock, a player, or open messages.

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The menu works according to the following principle. By default, we get to the main screen. You can choose the settings and design to your taste; in the Amazfit application, there are almost a hundred ready-made options. Also for Amazfit GTS, we have developed a pair of modular watch faces where you can customize up to seven widgets, choosing from seventeen functions.

Amazfit GTS Smart Watch Review

If you slide your finger across the screen from top to bottom, a section opens where you can see the remaining battery power, weather data, as well as icons for turning on the flashlight, activating silent mode, adjusting the brightness and locking the touchscreen.

Amazfit GTS Smart Watch Review

Moving from bottom to top launches the menu of available applications, and flipping the screens left and right on the desktop, we move between three zones: the main screen, activity accounting with the number of steps taken and distance, and on the third, you can see the heart rate statistics.

Amazfit GTS Smart Watch Review: Display

The screen, rounded at the edges, is protected by Gorilla Glass 3, the watch has a large margin of brightness, it is adjusted both automatically and manually. On the street on a sunny August day, the data on display is clearly visible, and there is no desire to go into the shade to read the notification.

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The diagonal is decent by the smartwatches standards: 1.65 inches and the resolution is 348 × 442 pixels, an AMOLED screen is used. The Always On mode is provided, in which case the screen will be active all the time, you do not have to activate the backlight with a brush gesture. However, in this case, you can choose only two dials: one with numbers, and the other with arrows. To save energy, this mode is turned off at night – in general. It is quite voracious.

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Amazfit GTS Smart Watch Review: Functions

The clock runs on a closed operating system – there are no third-party applications. At the same time, I see no point in criticizing Amazfit GTS for this: the standard features are quite enough for comfortable use.

To use the watch, you need to install the application. It works on both Android and iOS. There, statistics of activities are collected, dials are changed and created, and the parameters of watches.

The watch received a BioTracker sensor. It monitors heart rate around the clock. He also conducts sleep analysis. To save the battery, you can adjust the interval of checks, this will not affect your health, and the watch’s operating time will increase significantly. The watch does not know how to assess the level of blood oxygen saturation VO2max, but Huami-PAI’s own health assessment system works here.

Amazfit GTS Smart Watch Review

The watch tracks the distance covered, the history of activities is written via GPS and GLONASS, navigation works accurately and accurately, but, as is usually the case when using specialized modes, it affects the watch’s autonomy. An hour of training with GPS consumes about 8-10% of the battery.

With a watch on my hand, I got into the pouring Moscow rain and went to the shower, so I checked the moisture protection, everything is in order with Amazfit GTS. If you swim in the watch in the pool, it will automatically keep track of data, recording speed, distance, pace and calorie consumption. The app recognizes activities both in the pool and in open water. Considering the level of protection of 5 ATM, they are suitable for almost any activity on the water surface, except diving and specialized high-speed sports.

As for overland activities, the Amazfit GTS recognizes a dozen types of workouts: running on the street or the track, exercising on a stationary bike or cycling on the street, ellipse, skiing, strength exercises, as well as walking, jogging on rough terrain.

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Amazfit GTS Smart Watch Review: Working hours

In terms of autonomy, Amazfit GTS can give odds to many competitors. In my week of use, they sat down to 60%. Simultaneously, notifications about calls and messages worked, the brightness changed automatically, the heart rate monitor worked, and sleep accounting was also active.

Amazfit GTS Smart Watch Review

Simultaneously, if you turn off the “smart” functions, the watch can last a month and a half on a single charge. I have not tested it, but for Amazfit GTS, 46 days of work are declared when Bluetooth, heart rate monitor and other resource-intensive functions are turned off. It is not very logical, on the one hand, to use “smart” watches in this mode, but on the other hand, even with an active lifestyle, they will calmly last a week, or even two, if you are not really an athlete.

Amazfit GTS Smart Watch Review

By the way, a charger with a magnetic mount is special, take care of it and don’t lose it. A full charge takes just over two hours.

What is in the box?

In a small black package, in addition to the watch itself, you can find a charger with a magnetic mount. There is no power supply in the kit; finding a suitable adapter is not a problem; everyone has one at home.

Conclusion: Should you buy Amazfit GTS Smart Watch?

The watch looks good, even if it copies the shape of the Apple Watch, but there are several case colours to choose from, and thanks to the standard mount, there will be no difficulties with replacing the straps to suit your mood. Amazfit GTS’s advantages are excellent autonomy, an excellent screen, and a convenient companion application for a smartphone.

The watch is definitely worth paying attention to. They turned out to be interesting in their class. Also, a special offer is temporarily valid, and you can save on buying a smart accessory.

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