Indeed, everyone had a situation when you heard a fantastic song and want to share it with a friend. Now you can do this with Alexa. Of course, provided that you and your friend have an Echo smart device. Amazon has added Music Sharing to send a song to one of its contacts.

Suffice it to tell the assistant, “Alexa, share this song with Bogdan.” However, the recipient does not have to use Amazon Music or the same streaming service as you. Alexa will try to find the track in those services that are available to the addressee. If the song you want is not there, Alexa will play a playlist based on the artist’s name and song title. By the way, the recipient can send back a reaction to your song.

To try out the new feature, you need to activate the Alexa Communications service in your account settings. To see which of your contacts you can share a track with, click on the New Message button in the Alexa app, and you will see a list of users. Amazon notes that this is just the beginning of this functionality and will continue to evolve.

Sources: Amazon, Engadget

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