Genealogical company MyHeritage provided a service Deep nostalgia, which allows you to animate regular photos. It is based on D-ID’s AI technology, which creates the effect of motion in static images.

Deep Nostalgia brings any photo to life, whether it’s an old black and white photo or a new color photo. The program uses pre-recorded videos, consisting of a fixed sequence of movements and gestures, and applies those best suited for a particular photograph. The main purpose of this function is to revive nostalgic feelings, in other words, the return to a life of beloved ancestors.

You can try the service completely free of charge. For this, you need to create a free MyHeritage account (5 photos available). If you want to bring more photos to life, you need a subscription. The company declares that the uploaded images are not shared with third parties – all processing takes place on MyHeritage servers. The technology was used to create a video with Abraham Lincoln.

There are already many examples of Deep Nostalgia use on the web. Some of the options look pretty good, but there are some downright creepy animations as well.

In any case, Deep Nostalgia is another example of how advanced machine learning technologies have become. Write in the comments your impressions of the service – is it a good idea to animate old photos, or is it better for such images to remain static?

A source: The verge

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