In October last year, it became known that one of the co-founders of OnePlus, Carl Pei, is leaving the company after 7 years with it. At the same time, Pei said that he wanted to create his own business, but there were no details about him until today.

Now the entrepreneur announced the creation of Nothing. It’s a “London-based consumer goods technology company.” Its investors include iPod inventor Tony Fadell, Twitch co-founder Kevin Lin, Reddit CEO Steve Huffman, and YouTube blogger Casey Neistat.

Nothing plans to release its first smart devices in the first half of this year. But what these devices will have not yet been specified. “Nothing’s mission is to remove barriers between people and technology to create a seamless digital future. We believe the best technologies are natural and straightforward to use. When they are advanced enough, they fade into the background and do not seem to be felt (feel like nothing),” said Karl Pei.

Previously TechCrunch reported that Karl Pei’s company received about $7 million in funding. Simultaneously, information appeared that it would be focused on audio equipment production – at least it will start with this. In an interview, Pei only clarified that “the team is currently in the process of building, so we want to focus on the simpler categories of devices.”

Sources: The verge, TechCrunch

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