Zane K, an 18-year-old web developer from New York, has created an OldOS iPhone app that faithfully recreates the skeuomorphic interface of iOS 4, which was released on June 21, 2010.

iOS 4 became Apple’s first mobile operating system after the iPhone OS rebrand to iOS. The OldOS project brings back 2010 and the days of the iPhone 3G (as they say, oldies here?).

The OldOS app is built using the SwiftUI framework, so it has smooth original animations and even the once-present iPhone Home button that feels real through tactile feedback.

Moreover, OldOS runs most of the standard applications. Still, with the original interface from 2010: pictures and videos are displayed in “Photos,” you can call through the “Phone,” and with the help of “Music,” you can listen to songs available on the device. OldOS also opens the App Store in the same form as in the days of iOS 4. But immediately after going to the application page for installation, an automatic redirect to the modern version of the store takes place. YouTube and Messages are not working, but the developer is determined to fix them. Other non-working things from memory can be noted the lack of support for folders and the effect of wiggling icons when organizing applications.

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oldOS can be installed via testing services TestFlight and Airport. In addition, the developer has published the source code of his project on GitHub.

This is far from the first such nostalgic project for the iPhone – a similar application was released in 2019, in which the iPod interface was recreated. But a few days later, Apple blocked the utility in the App Store, citing a violation of store rules.

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