Intel has announced the next generation of its own chips. These are hybrid chipsets of the Alder Lake family, which will take an approach similar to ARM’s BIG.little technology: the presence of both high-performance and energy-efficient cores in the composition on a single die.

Executive Vice President Gregory Bryant showing Alder Lake powered on and running on a Windows PC. (Image credit: Intel )

Alder Lake chips will target more than mobile devices. They should also come out in the desktop segment. The first devices with the new system-on-a-chip should appear in the second half of this year.

(Image credit: Intel )

The 12th Gen Core processors will be built on a “new, improved version” of the 10nm SuperFin process. High-performance Golden Lake cores and energy-efficient Gracemont will be used. Intel claims that it has made significant progress in the x86 architecture, although it does not provide any benchmark results yet. Obviously, the release by Apple of the M1 chip last fall forced Intel to look for new solutions, especially since the transition to a 7-nanometer process technology was postponed at least until 2022.

(Image credit: Intel )

Sources: The verge, PC Gamer

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